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How GRaaS and OnBase protects critical business information

Investing in a content or information management system is an important step in ensuring business information is secure and easily accessible to those who need it.

Critical information that requires a storage solution is often personal, confidential or subject to regulations. An information management system provides many tools to ensure access is only given to those who need it.

But as long as information is being stored, it holds the potential to fall into the wrong hands. This makes content and information retention strategies critical.

It’s always in the best interest of the organization to destroy information as soon as it’s no longer needed.

To ease and revolutionize this process, Hyland and Iron Mountain have partnered to create the Governance Rules as a Service (GRaaS) solution.

Leveraging the Iron Mountain® Policy Center solution, your aggregated, updated and easy-to-understand retention regulations and citations can be applied to all relevant documents within OnBase, Hyland’s enterprise information platform.

Reduce risk with document destruction

By incorporating a document retention strategy, your organization can reduce the risk of information getting into the wrong hands — information destroyed is information that cannot be accessed.

Other benefits of document destruction include less content to pull for regular audits, a reduction in database bloat, and a lowered risk of incurring fines.

With increasing regulations specifically focused on the handling of data across industries, incorrectly handling and destroying information could be a costly mistake.

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The GRaaS solution helps ensure data within documents stored in OnBase is in compliance — giving your organization assurance that employees and customers, the lifeblood of your business and the key to your profitability, are protected.

Support compliance and easily understand relevant policies

The Iron Mountain® Policy Center solution aggregates all information governance policies with simple descriptions of why they are important and how they should be executed.

With the legal research into policies and explanations done behind the scenes and recorded in Policy Center, the need for organizations to gather regulatory information on their own or engage legal firms is eliminated. 

With a direct connection to OnBase content, Iron Mountain® Policy Center updates policies and immediately applies retention schedules within your enterprise information platform.

Policy Center is also updated regularly to ensure that as policies change, updates are made in the system. With a connection to OnBase content, updated policies can then update retention schedules within OnBase and be immediately applied.

Increase effectiveness of document retention

With an end-to-end solution addressing both the aggregation of relevant policies and the management and execution of the document retention schedule, staff can rest assured your organization is in compliance, managing and reducing risk, improving the overall process and minimizing manual work.

As the policies from Policy Center are applied to content, OnBase can completely automate the destruction of those documents per regulatory guidelines.

Records managers and administrators also gain visibility into the disposition process through built-in reports that list documents eligible for destruction and documents that were previously destroyed according to policy.

Know your obligations, show compliance and confidently destroy documents with Governance Rules as a Service.