Overcome common challenges with RPA software

Robotic process automation (RPA) software extends the value of your business applications by plugging into the software you already use to take care of the busy work. By capturing, routing and putting content to work as it comes into your organization, your intelligent automation efforts help you overcome business bottlenecks to reach a whole new level of efficiency and effectiveness.

Can you relate to these common challenges?

Variability in human capital management

When your employees spend their time doing tedious, voluminous and routine mandatory tasks, it decreases their morale. This leads to increased staff turnover, hiring and training costs.

Inefficiencies and errors in business process execution

When employees take on repetitive, high-volume tasks, it results in more errors, inefficiencies and execution delays.

Risk of data breach and non-compliance

When humans process sensitive or protected information, it can increase the risk of intentional or unintentional data exposure and regulatory violations.

Painful shuffling from system to system

Organizations often use a variety of on-premises and cloud applications. This can lead to increased customer queries across multiple channels, along with cost-ineffective manual data processing.

Strenuous migration from legacy to modern apps

Legacy systems are not always compatible with modern applications. This can make migrating information to modern applications time- and resource-consuming.

Intelligently advance your organization’s digital transformation journey with Hyland RPA software

Hyland RPA is a comprehensive robotic process automation software designed to:

  • Empower an enterprise in its digital transformation journey
  • Automate tasks
  • Streamline overall business process implementation

Combine Hyland RPA with a robust content services platform (CSP) to provide true end-to-end intelligent automation, from capture to document processing to third-party system integration and more. Deploying both products enables organizations to connect disparate systems and teams, provide accelerated and increased ROI, and make business more resilient.

Discover the benefits of automation with Hyland RPA software

Our end-to-end automation suite consists of the following tools:


Hyland RPA Analyst: Quickly, accurately and intuitively analyze processes down to the click level while automatically documenting process steps


Hyland RPA Designer: Leverage low-code, drag-and-drop tools to build bots and create brand-new automations quickly and easily



Hyland RPA Conductor: Efficiently run automations, ensuring maximum bot utilization and scalability


Hyland RPA Manager: Manage and orchestrate your bots with ease using a real-time dashboard for live monitoring and intuitive management

Hear from the experts: The impact of RPA

Where does automation fit in your organization?

Hyland RPA offers industry-agnostic automation for any repetitive, rule-based, voluminous task — plus end-to-end automation in conjunction with Hyland’s industry-leading content services platform. As Hyland’s content services help you move from the world of paper to digital, Hyland RPA software adds that extra layer of automation, delivering a complete digital transformation that efficiently streamlines your business processes at a competitive price point.

What does success look like for Hyland RPA customers?

The customers below have benefited in many ways from the implementation of Hyland RPA. Take a look at the impact this automation suite can have on a wide variety of departments and processes.