Email Lifecycle Management

Protect and manage business-critical email content

It’s difficult to imagine modern business without email, as organizations increasingly depend on it to collaborate at every level. Unfortunately, email also scatters information across organizations with little control or visibility, and makes it difficult to properly retain and manage important information.

Perceptive Interact for Outlook is integrated within the Microsoft Outlook desktop client. It provides critical support for business workflows through reliable email management features and intelligent folder structures.

The result is a solution that effectively handles expanding storage requirements and compliance to regulatory obligations, storing required information in a revision-proof state while purging unnecessary information. And, of course, the ability to quickly and conveniently find the information you need, when you need it.

Email management

Our technology makes it easy to assign email to the appropriate electronic records and processes, managing the entire email lifecycle so you can access information when it’s needed. It lets you:

  • Automatically integrate email into records and processes, making email part of a complete information strategy
  • Manage email based on context, optimizing email-driven business processes
  • Use rules-based retention periods for flexible retention management