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Illinois Mutual Life Insurance

Insurer utilizes Hyland's Perceptive Content to expedite claims processing and improve customer experience with reduced response times.

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Illinois Mutual has delivered quality life insurance to the Illinois community for over 100 years and conducts business in 47 states through more than 17,500 independent agents. Its long history of excellence, which now includes disability income insurance and workplace insurance, had a consequence: 100 years worth of records that totaled over 30 million files.

Storing and accessing these files was one problem for the organization. Simultaneously juggling multiple applications to process incoming claims was another. The labor-intensive process diverted employees away from higher-value responsibilities and delayed the servicing of customers.

Illinois Mutual sought a solution that would manage documents, workflows and imaging, while expediting document access, minimizing tedious tasks and enhancing information sharing among departments. After evaluating several options, it chose Perceptive Content by Hyland.

The solution

By leveraging Perceptive Content, Illinois Mutual centralized document management into a single platform to provide users a complete view of the content lifecycle. Using Perceptive Content’s LearnMode™, the organization’s proprietary core business applications integrated with supporting documents that are now stored in Perceptive Content. This enables users to instantly retrieve critical information from their host application screens.

“The ability of LearnMode to integrate with new screens in seconds is amazing,” said Bill Zimmerman, information systems manager at Illinois Mutual. “Its flexibility makes Perceptive Content effective in every department.”

Improves productivity

In order to uphold exceptional customer service, Illinois Mutual sets standards for processing policies, such as a time limit. Prior to Perceptive Content, the policy service department requested supporting documents and waited for colleagues to physically deliver files from storage. In addition to being inefficient, this created a risk for misplaced or damaged documents. Now, files are digitally indexed and routed to the appropriate associates via Perceptive Content workflow queues for immediate processing.

The knowledge transfer that took place during Perceptive Content training classes was outstanding. It allowed us to take complete ownership of our document management solution, and we’ve been able to undertake enterprise-wide Perceptive Content expansion ourselves.

— Bill Zimmerman, Information Systems Manager, Illinois Mutual

“Having files in Perceptive Content work queues instead of piled on desks helps employees better manage their workloads,” said Sue Steele, assistant vice president of policy service. “Perceptive Content has greatly reduced turnaround time.”

The enhanced efficiency impacts customer phone inquiries as well. Instead of having to call customers back after documents are physically transported to the correct desk, employees can now instantly access all relevant documentation in Perceptive Content while customers are still on the phone.

Monitors performance and load balancing

Visibility into performance fluctuations is critical for tracking turnaround times and adjusting workloads when needed. Perceptive Content’s reporting features enable the policy service department to monitor every aspect of employee productivity, including the number of late files.

“Perceptive Workflow makes it easy for managers to review the time it takes to process each policy and to reassign duties when employees are out of the office,” Steele said.

Internal and external audits are also now simplified with a readily available audit trail history.

Achieves solution self-sufficiency

Participating in hands-on training classes prepared the Illinois Mutual implementation team to manage Perceptive Content in-house. Since the initial deployment in sales administration, Illinois Mutual has extended Perceptive Content to underwriting, policy service and multiple other departments, with minimal vendor input.

“The knowledge transfer that took place during Perceptive Content training classes was outstanding,” Zimmerman said. “It allowed us to take complete ownership of our document management solution, and we’ve been able to undertake enterprise-wide Perceptive Content expansion ourselves.”

The difference

Enhances customer satisfaction

Implementing Perceptive Content across the enterprise helped Illinois Mutual elevate productivity and reduce the time it takes to answer a policy request by 75%.

Deploys quickly

Proven deployment methodology enabled Perceptive Content to be installed in just two weeks.

“Perceptive Content implementation was virtually flawless. It’s the best software installation I’ve been involved with,” Zimmerman said. “Every stage of our project has been completed on time.”

Promotes exceptional user adoption

Perceptive Content’s intuitive design and ability to eliminate labor-intensive tasks accelerates and improves user adoption.

“Perceptive Content has been very well-received, even by employees that took a while adjusting to not having paper files in their hands,” Zimmerman said. “They like Perceptive Content because it gives them instant document access and makes tasks such as paying claims much less laborious.”