Turn documents into actionable data with Hyland’s advanced, template-free intelligent capture tool.

Brainware intelligent capture brings greater efficiency and accuracy to your business processes for true end-to-end automation. Brainware’s machine learning capabilities identify documents, text and images without the need for templates. Even different file types in different languages across departments become accessible, providing key metrics and performance indicators.

Plus, powerful integration tools allow you to connect Brainware to core business systems for updating and data validation, further bolstering your process efficiency.

  • Acquisition

  • Classification

  • Extraction

  • Validation

  • Content and data delivery

  • Visibility

  • Human-like intelligence

From scanned documents to emailed documents, you can import almost any file type for processing.

Once content is captured, Brainware performs image clean-up functions like straightening, removing lines and dot shading, or enhancing characters.

Brainware automatically identifies a document or set of documents, ensuring the correct information is extracted from each page, no matter the business process.

Using a series of intelligent algorithms, Brainware determines where the important information lies on images and documents. It confidently lifts targeted fields and line-item detail based on surrounding context – without templates. It then uses OCR technology to automatically extract the relevant information including machine print, handwritten text, bar codes and marks.

Built-in intelligence allows Brainware to continuously improve over time, further reducing manual touch points and accelerating processing.

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Once extracted, Brainware automatically validates information against existing databases and back-end systems. Any exceptions are presented through a simple verification screen for users that can be customized to best fit the way they work.

By eliminating the burden of manual validation and data entry, you accelerate downstream classification and processing and improve information accuracy across your business systems.

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Brainware can interact with virtually any core business system to automatically deliver extracted information and documents where they need to go. It integrates with enterprise resource planning (ERP), content management (ECM), data management systems (DMS) and other departmental systems without disruption.

Delivering and updating data directly into your downstream systems ensures departments and staff are always working with the most accurate and recent information as they make critical business and process decisions.

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Better visibility improves process management. The Brainware Visibility product surfaces valuable analytics that measure performance of the Brainware system. Clear indicators of success allow process owners to justify their Brainware investment and empower managers to continuously improve the process over time.

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Brainware works like a human brain. It can see patterns, understand variance and respond with flexibility and learn conceptually, not through memorization. The software only needs a small set of examples to understand how to classify a given document type and where to extract important information.

Brainware is powered by a dedicated team of PhD scientists. With backgrounds in neuroscience, physics and engineering, they continually use their expertise to build and enhance the intelligence within Brainware.

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Hyland Brainware solutions package together the capture and automation tools that get the most out of processes. Combining document capture, intelligent data extraction and core system integrations, Brainware solutions address the specific needs of your organization and industry.