A single, secure, scalable ECM architecture

By using OnBase across the entire enterprise, organizations simplify their content services architecture, reduce IT costs and prepare for the future.  OnBase achieves this by 

  • Providing a platform to rapidly create business applications 
  • Creating an information hub for your enterprise 
  • Supplying a secure, scalable performance to meet today’s needs with a solution built for tomorrow 

Crucially, OnBase affordably scales to meet your organization’s specific needs. Whether you’re deploying solutions around a specific case, specific departments or your entire enterprise. Deploying OnBase at the departmental level for a specific business need puts down a foundation that can be built off of going forward.  

With document types and workflows already deployed, your organization can easily grow the solution to other departments or areas without the need to start from scratch every time. This means each new expansion will have a faster return on investment, as every new area gives you more pre-built tools to work from in the future. 

OnBase provides the architecture your organization needs to build on and reach its goals. 

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