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The Judge Group

Staffing firm overhauls onboarding with low-code case management solution.

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The challenge

As a leading staffing firm with clients around the globe, The Judge Group continues to grow rapidly. For a while, this put intense strain on its contractor onboarding processes in human resources.

“We were behind the times in a very outward-facing way,” said Ren Bellu, director of ERP systems. “These contractors have a lot of choices, so the onboarding experience should be efficient and modern.”

To build a better solution for onboarding and compliance efforts, the firm — supported by certified solution provider MTS Software Solutions — turned to Hyland's OnBase content services platform.

Gone are the days of manually tracking documents in network folders and Excel spreadsheets.

“The requirements we have to manage are enormously complicated,” Bellu said. “Required documentation and forms differ based on the contractor type, the state of employment, the specific client that’s hiring and even the individual situation itself. OnBase handles these variances with flexibility.”

Compliance managers define templates of required documentation for each placement type in OnBase, ensuring all personnel use the most up-to-date information.

“The version control is a big benefit. Before, there were multiple versions of the truth,” Bellu said. “Now, they’re managing those templates directly in OnBase, so it’s much more secure.”

When onboarding kicks off, compliance specialists create packets of documents for each placement with the click of a button. OnBase delivers the packets to contractors through an online portal and automatically notifies them via email when packets become available.

The amazing thing about OnBase is that there is a feature for everything. We really didn’t have to code much at all.

— Ren Bellu, Director of ERP systems, The Judge Group

The solution

Successfully using OnBase to manage key content like contractor HR documents, The Judge Group determined it was time to take advantage of the system’s flexibility to rapidly configure a case management solution to improve contractor onboarding. Point-and-click configurability proved invaluable to the IT personnel building the application.

With OnBase, compliance personnel treat each contractor placement as a case — managing all contractor information, placement data and required HR documentation in one central repository. OnBase also integrates with the firm’s other systems, like the ERP, to locate critical information and display up-to-the-minute contractor data alongside all other case-related information.

From the portal, contractors easily access all required documentation for their placement, filling out electronic forms, uploading content and even electronically signing documents — saving time and improving the HR onboarding experience.

Completed documents and forms become part of the specific case in OnBase, equipping compliance personnel with a complete view of all information.

With OnBase for case management, The Judge Group improved the experience for compliance staff and 5,000 contractors a year, while equipping IT with a flexible platform to accommodate growth and build applications organization-wide.

The difference

Accelerates application configuration timelines: Three IT personnel built a fully functioning application in record time — less than nine months from discussions and design to go-live. OnBase eliminated the need for custom coding for features like automatic email notifications and cross references, which lets staff instantly retrieve documentation related to a case.

Improves the contractor experience: “The benefits to the contractors are enormous,” Bellu said. “They can now sign documents with their mouse instead of having to download them, save them as a file, print them out, sign with a pen, scan it back and attach to an email. Now it’s just click, click, done.”

Streamlines HR onboarding and improves efficiency: Managers have one place to go for a complete view of all HR and compliance information surrounding a contractor placement — minimizing the need to switch between applications, folders and spreadsheets.

Provides a scalable platform for future growth: With millions of documents stored in OnBase, the firm has big plans to do more with its content, leveraging the solution’s case management and process automation capabilities for areas like contracting, accounts payable and other human resources functions.