Deployment options

Is the cloud or on-premises right for your organization? 

Hyland provides you with the flexibility to deploy your OnBase solution in the way that's best for your organization. Do you have the internal expertise and infrastructure in place to take on all the responsibilities of deploying in house? Maybe entrusting the management and support of your organization’s solution to Hyland, your trusted partner, is the right choice. 

The Hyland Cloud 

The Hyland Cloud is the hosting architecture of choice for OnBase and Hyland's other content services offerings. It is privately managed by a team of in-house experts, leveraging cutting-edge technologies and security-driven policies. Purposefully built for content and information management, the Hyland Cloud enables organizations to take advantage of the full range of OnBase functionality via a deployment option that is: 

  • Privately managed: Hyland's Global Cloud Services (GCS) professionals personally manage each solution. 
  • Secure: All data in the Hyland Cloud is protected with the highest security standards 
  • Reliable: Since its inception in 2004, the hosting platform has delivered an average availability of 99.99%. 
  • Scalable: The Hyland Cloud evolves with an organization's changing business needs, scaling to accommodate additional infrastructure and document storage needs. And because it is managed by Hyland solution experts, upgrades and expansions take place as smoothly as possible. 
  • Compliant: The Hyland Cloud accommodates demanding SLAs and a range of industry-specific and location-based compliance initiatives, including: 
    • NIST 
    • PCI 
    • HIPPA 
    • GDPR 
    • FDIC 
    • FINRA 
    • GCIS 


This method of deploying OnBase enables you to utilize your organization’s existing resources and maintain your OnBase environment. This option appeals to organizations that want to: 

  • Fit OnBase within their existing infrastructure: OnBase has a straightforward approach to the architecture and infrastructure needed to support the solution. This allows organizations to fit their solutions within the existing framework of systems they already have in place. 
  • Utilize their on-staff expertise: Because OnBase can take advantage of existing infrastructure, organizations can continue to use the expertise and resources already at their disposal. Hyland provides training that covers a wide scope of OnBase functionality to help organizations become proficient in the configuration and use of their systems. 

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