Benefits of configuration without code

Developed to deliver configurable, intuitive solutions  

OnBase is designed to be administered by individuals without a software development background, freeing up your programmers to focus on other core systems and high-priority development initiatives. With some training, one or more of your designated staff can become an OnBase administrator. 

Watch the video above to discover how OnBase makes it easy for administrators to: 

  • Administer your system and make changes: Rather than relying on time-consuming custom coding, OnBase leverages simple, intuitive point-and-click configurable tools — like drop-down menus, check boxes and radio buttons — to build applications and change them over time. 
  • Add new solutions and expand to additional areas: OnBase combines the capabilities needed to manage content, processes and cases on a single platform, empowering administrators to create unlimited, unique solutions for multiple departments across your enterprise. 
  • Upgrade annually, with ease: OnBase is continually enhanced with an average of two software releases every year, allowing administrators to keep your solution up to date with the latest technology innovations. All upgrades and support are included with annual maintenance fees. With every upgrade, the latest enhancements and capabilities are applied to your existing OnBase solutions. 

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