Manage information in one system

OnBase improves the management of documents, data and processes 

OnBase combines the ability to manage documents, data and processes in one system, so your information flows seamlessly throughout your organization. Minimize process delays, data silos and disconnected documents and automate repetitive tasks while equipping workers to make better decisions. 

Build content-enabled applications that support your requirements today and grow with you. Quickly create solutions tailored to your business problems without relying on costly custom coding. 

Manage your critical information on one platform 

OnBase combines the ability to manage your documents, processes and data: 

  • Manage documents: Work electronically with all critical content, regardless of format. Empower users to easily search for documents while leveraging digital folders and file cabinets to keep content organized. Effectively handle revisions and versions, electronically sign and automatically generate documents for distribution to customers and constituents. 
  • Manage processes: Decrease processing time and increase employee productivity by optimizing your processes. OnBase automates predictable tasks while delivering exceptions and decisions to the right people, at the right time. Leverage OnBase to send notifications, enable approvals from mobile devices and load balance important work — increasing efficiency and keeping processes flowing. 
  • Manage data: Create data-centric and case management applications with OnBase, replacing antiquated databases, shared spreadsheets and legacy systems. Minimize the need for custom-developed or off-the-shelf solutions for areas such as HR onboarding, vendor management and fraud investigation. Provide users with access to all data, documents, tasks and conversations that support a customer, case or project — from one interface. 
  • Manage applications: With native low-code application development capabilities, OnBase offers an alternative to costly custom coding or the purchasing of multiple point solutions from different vendors. Low-code rapid application development tools offer a faster, easier alternative to building the business solutions you need. 

Managing your documents, processes, data and applications is only part of the functionality available with OnBase. Click here to learn more.