Document Generation and Distribution

Efficiently generate and distribute content inside and outside your organization

Using your organizations captured documents and data, OnBase can generate individualized letters or statements, enabling you to efficiently distribute information to the people you serve; your customers, constituents, patients, students, agents, etc. – whether you choose to do so on paper or electronically.

Tools for automating document generation and distribution

In order to make document generation and distribution as simple as possible for your organization, OnBase provides a number of tools to achieve this, including:

Document composition

  • Automatically generate documents using existing system data, Word document fragments and user input to deliver them to customers faster

  • Standardizes the creation and completion of forms that originate on paper by making them digital images – eliminating process delays attributed to incomplete forms

Image statements

  • Gathers related documents and generates them into a single, consolidated image document

  • Enables distribution of generated documents via email as a PDF, or by paper mail

  • Improves customer service by minimizing billing disputes and decreasing turnaround tie for customer inquiries

CD/DVD/Blu-ray publishing

  • Facilitates content sharing with other organizations by simplifying the location and packaging of document sets for easy distribution

  • Provides recipients with their specific documents in a self-contained OnBase viewing system, all on a single CD/DVD/Blu-ray

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