Your organization, its employees and its partners need access to data at the right times, no matter where they are. The Hyland Cloud provides that accessibility within a highly available and redundant environment. Disaster recovery protocols, industry-leading recovery time objectives and rigorous recovery point objectives are in place for every solution. All based on policies and protocol designed to take care of your information and give you peace of mind.

For organizations considering a move to the cloud, data security is paramount. That means it’s paramount for us, too. There is nothing more important to Hyland than keeping your data secure. So how do we keep your sensitive, protected and mission-critical information protected? The Hyland Cloud uses best-in-class enterprise-grade technologies and services to keep your information — and your customers’ information — secure.

The Hyland Cloud: A private, secure cloud platform

With a multi-cloud approach, the Hyland Cloud is available globally in either our own co-located data centers or in accredited, co-located public data centers, and when required, leveraging Amazon Web Services (AWS) and other cloud services, all of which meet the highest standards.

Which cloud delivery model is best for your organization? Our expert team can help guide you to the ideal solution, based on your unique needs. With every SaaS solution in the Hyland Cloud, you will get the benefits of expert solution management, integrated support, and leading edge security. Plus, we contractually guarantee your data location, which gives you complete transparency into where it is stored at all times.

Data in the Hyland Cloud is encrypted while at rest, in use, and in transit. This means your information is secure when your users are interacting with and accessing the data and while it’s travelling between the cloud and access points.

The Hyland Cloud: Software security and compliance for your organization

The Hyland Cloud aligns to leading compliance and security standards, including SOC 2; ISO 27001; PCI DSS and NIST 800-53. These security-driven policies guide all of our policies and procedures, enabling the Hyland Cloud to help your organization achieve its compliance objectives, too.

Delivering industry-leading SaaS solutions via the Hyland Cloud

There are countless reasons to move your content services to the cloud. Discover just a few of them: