Security in the Hyland Cloud

Keep your data and your customers' data safe

In the Hyland Cloud, our very highest priority is keeping your data — and your customers' data  secure. We specifically design and build our architecture to support key security initiatives, and all our managing policies help us maintain the highest security standards in our private cloud. Our strict ISO-based protocols ensure that your data is safe and secure:

  • At rest
  • In use
  • In transit

Global Cloud Services, the Hyland team responsible for managing the Hyland Cloud, is independently audited and certified to provide support with the most exacting security and compliance requirements. We leverage a sophisticated multi-cloud structure to ensure that your data resides in accredited data centers for the ultimate in security.

By meeting our own rigorous security and compliance standards, Hyland helps you meet your organization’s important security and compliance objectives.

In addition to providing 24/7/365 live support, Hyland’s Global Cloud Services provides ongoing proactive monitoring of the security of our cloud and your solution. If we detect an issue, we get to work correcting it  right away.

Multiple layers of protection for your data

The Hyland Cloud employs a defense-in-depth approach to keeping your information secure. Security protocols in place include:

  • Policies, procedures and awareness
  • Physical security
  • Perimeter data defense
  • Internal network security
  • Cloud host security
  • Application security
  • Data security

Working in conjunction, these layers provide comprehensive protection against threats including:

  • Malicious acts by hackers or rogue actors
  • Technology failures
  • Catastrophic events
  • Well-intentioned but careless users
Learn how you can leverage the defense-in-depth model for your organization