Hyland Cloud Resiliency

Keep business moving on a reliable, available and resilient cloud platform

Your organization’s decision to use the cloud for its content services is about more than just adopting transformative technology. It’s part of an adherence to good business that is as old as time: The need for operational resilience.

Whether recalibrating during periods of great flux or seizing opportunities during quieter times, good business relies on leadership and heads-up vision to prepare for whatever the future holds.

By using the Hyland Cloud, your organization — and its content — will be closer to future-ready.

The Hyland Cloud leverages cutting-edge technologies and best-in-class resources to provide Hyland customers with reliable, available and resilient cloud infrastructure for their content services.

99.99 percent data availability

This isn’t a guarantee — it’s a matter of record. Since 2004, the Hyland Cloud has allowed its customers to access any and all of their content with an average availability of 99.99 percent uptime. This is accomplished with a highly available and N+1 redundant infrastructure and operational processes that include:

  • Failover exercises
  • Replication
  • Incident response protocols
  • Resource utilization monitoring


Fail-safe disaster recovery

The Hyland Cloud’s disaster recovery protocols are part of our historical 99.99 percent uptime and include contractual commitments, such as:

  • Recover Point Objective (RPO) of one hour
  • Recover Time Objective (RTO) of four hours
  • High availability
  • N+1 redundancy and replication methodology


Geographic dispersion for data redundancy

The Hyland Cloud spans the globe across four continents. We securely store three copies of customer data across two of Hyland’s currently 14 geographically dispersed data centers elected by the customer, so if a failure occurs at one location, it is addressed swiftly and in real-time, with full failover capabilities should that be required. The three copies serve the following purposes:

  • First copy: The original data in use
  • Second copy: A mirror image of the first copy, this live replicated data lives at the same data center location and can be turned to if the original copy is compromised
  • Third copy: Replicated data in secondary data center location

Additionally, Hyland Cloud customers can dictate contractually in which country or region their data is stored.

A historically resilient cloud leader

The Hyland Cloud launched in 2003 and has a record of excellence and innovation. It is custom-designed to host Hyland content services platforms and has been leading the way for best-in-class cloud deployment not just for years — but for years longer than our competitors. Our numbers say a lot:

  • 1,365+ Hyland Cloud customers in 42 countries
  • 10+ petabytes of data
  • 1.2 million cloud users with more than 60 million logins each month
  • Historical 99.99 percent data availability

The Hyland Cloud has a 99.99 percent uptime rate of availability since 2004.

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