When you invested in a content services solution from Hyland, you invested in your organization’s potential. But if you’re still operating those solutions on-premises, you have barely scratched the surface of what’s possible. 

Now, it’s time to find out how high you can fly. 

Migrating to the Hyland Cloud is the best way to maximize the value of your content services investment. It’s your fastest path to digital transformation. It’s your best defense against security breaches, compliance risks, natural disasters and volatile global markets. It’s easier access to upgrades and enhancements on all Hyland products and solutions. And it pays for itself multiple times over.


Forrester’s Total Economic Impact™ Study reveals nearly 300 percent ROI

*All figures calculated and validated by third-party Forrester Research in The Total Economic Impact™ of Content Services in The Hyland Cloud

Five key advantages to making cloud migration a priority

Empower your remote workforce, guarantee disaster recovery, improve customer experience, speed solution rollout, increase ROI and more with content services in the Hyland Cloud.

More than 1,600 organizations in 49 countries host their solutions in the Hyland Cloud. Because many of these customers migrated from an on-premises deployment to a SaaS delivery model, our team of specialists have the migration process down to a fine-tuned science. For you, that means minimal downtime and next-to-zero process interruption, regardless of how complex your solution is.

Cloud-powered content services … with no catch. It’s complete service, delivered simply.

With your Hyland solutions running in the cloud, your organization has sole ownership of and access to what’s important, like sensitive data and access permissions. The rest is handled by Hyland. We take ownership of the costly, time-consuming cloud management concerns that plague your IT department – operating system, network and firewall configuration, global infrastructure, compliance and governance and more – and put them into the capable hands of our specially-recruited, credentialed and certified cloud team. This team monitors your cloud environment 24/7/365, and is ready to support you with a single phone call.

Get to know our Global Cloud Services Team

Learn how our defense-in-depth approach ensures true cloud security

Cloud-delivered content services is your fastest path toward digital transformation, a critical element in the success of your organization, and the future of business. Begin migration now to realize immediate benefits and prepare your organization for whatever comes next.

It’s time to see how high you can fly. Set your organization’s potential free with the power of the Hyland Cloud.

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