Enable self-service and enhance student engagement with a modern, accessible, public-facing portal

Integrate a modern, accessible portal experience

Hyland’s partnership with Jadu Central provides an integrated portal solution for delivering exceptional digital services, allowing students and families to self-service from any location on mobile, tablet or desktop devices. With a modern, accessible, public-facing portal experience, the Hyland Content Portal for Higher Education connects to our content services platform to provide online forms, document upload and tracking, payment processing and workflow.

The Hyland Content Portal for Higher Education:

  • Enables online processes at the front-end to reduce calls and wait times
  • Allows end-users to self-service from any location on mobile, tablet or desktop devices
  • Provides 24/7 access to information stored in Hyland’s content services platform
  • Provides fully responsive portal forms that meet accessibility standards
  • Integrates directly into existing public portals and web sites

Enable self-service across a wide range of uses

Students benefit from multiple use cases, including admissions and financial aid applications, academic records requests and more. Students can easily interact online with your institution to access or submit documents whenever or from wherever they need to, reducing manual processes and increasing efficiencies while extending the value of your existing technology investments.

Improve processes and student engagement

With the Hyland Content Portal for Higher Education, your institution can deliver new and improved online, digital services to faculty, staff and students while also realizing the following benefits:

  • Reduced manual processes and increased efficiencies by decreasing paper-based approaches and time-consuming searches for information
  • Enhanced student engagement and satisfaction with a digital channel for end-users to easily submit documents, complete online forms and check workflow status from any web browser
  • Maximized ROI on existing technology investments with easy-to-use web form creation and management to drive digital transformation initiatives

Watch the student portal webinar