Policy and Procedure Management System

Take the stress out of policy and procedure management

Hyland Policy and Procedure Administration solutions creates a single place to distribute, acknowledge and archive your policies. With information stored electronically, every member of your staff is aware of the most current policies, supporting compliance with government mandates and agency standards. With our solution, automatically send out a new, revised or canceled policy to your staff, who can electronically confirm that they read and acknowledged it. Reports also help you manage distribution of new policies and understand who has read and acknowledged them. Using the Policy and Procedure Administration solution, you can create an archive of past and present regulations, policies and procedures that are critical to your agency’s work and eliminate searching for policy memos, correspondence and other reference documents.

The solution also helps your agency become more efficient in the future by electronically managing policy and procedure administration and automating distribution, extending document management to the core of your program delivery. Capture and secure documents, connect your databases, speed up processes and provide better service to your customers and constituents.