Grants Management System

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Drive grant delivery and compliance efforts

Now more than ever, agencies face great need and reduced budgets. Every grant and program dollar counts; however, agencies also need to manage the service of delivery grants and contracts while supporting compliance with smaller staff or perhaps, less expertise after retiring staff have left. How do agencies ensure that programmatic documents are secure, easily retrievable and complete while avoiding compliance risks with an already stretched staff?

Hyland’s content services platform integrates with your agency’s grant management system to securely store all required documentation, enforce records retention and automate compliance tasks to ensure no funding is spent without required tasks, monitoring visits and federal requirements being met. Agencies gain valuable tools that help specialists manage individual projects and allow program directors to perform pre-audit sampling of program files to ensure programs meet documentation and compliance requirements.

Our content services platform also connects with databases, regardless of the program. Staff have a single repository for all documentation, allowing agencies to efficiently deliver programs and easily provide referrals. All of this is accomplished without additional training because our platform integrates with the systems staff already know. As staff works with data systems, the solution shows them relevant documentation for data records as well as what required documents are missing, helping agencies support compliance efforts. Staff can also access key information stored in documents when they are in the field on tablets or smartphones, providing more mobility, faster field work and increased staff productivity.