Federal Grants and Contract Management

Simple, efficient and transparent grant and program management

Simplifying grants management supports better program delivery

Paper documents and compliance tasks put a heavy strain on federal grants management work. Manual tasks necessitated by paper-based processes dominate receiving, awarding and managing grants. This creates process delays that lead to slow expenditure rates and award decisions – particularly in understaffed areas or those hit by high rates of retirement. Relying on paper creates a lack of visibility into processes, making it difficult to review projects, check on an application’s status or gain insight into grant expenditure impacts.

Eliminating paper lets staff focus on programs, and automation reduces workload

Hyland’s solution replaces the filing, printing and copy tasks with high information availability, secured access and automated audit trails. These safeguards, plus simultaneous access to files and version control means that you support compliant program delivery and protect program records. With Hyland’s workflow capabilities, you can automate key grants tasks like document routing while supporting staff as they work to meet deadlines, as well as documentation and review requirements. The solution notifies staff of required steps they must take and automatically identifies any missing documentation, making each step of the process easier to complete.

Better programs demand transparency

Hyland’s solution increases visibility into federal grants management processes by providing a complete view of contract, project and compliance task progression. This empowers you to track projects and easily identify any potential bottlenecks slowing task or project completion. It also provides project map and reporting dashboard options for easy review and tracking. These tools help you analyze and improve service delivery.

Better citizen service starts with better tools for your staff

For effective grants management, agencies can benefit from a solution that replaces paper with electronic documents, drives efficiency through automation and provides complete visibility into processes. Hyland’s grant management solution meets these needs and creates a foundation for improving your program delivery.