Federal Digital Transformation

Reduce costs and build for the future with legacy modernization

Legacy solutions are a massive drain on federal budgets and IT resources. How big of a drain? According to the General Accountability Office (GAO), about 75 percent of Federal IT budgets are spent on legacy hardware and software solutions. The result? A $7 billion decline in expenditures on software modernization over the last seven years. At the same time, 43% of IT projects are either behind schedule, over budget or outdated before they are finished. This means making smart decisions on IT solutions is a crucial part of government right now. 

You don't just need another solution. You need a better one.

Tools to drive federal government digital transformation

A Hyland content services platform provides the tools that drive federal digital transformation and IT modernization in government, including:

  • Case management: Rapidly develop the solutions your agency needs without the time, cost and expense of custom-code solutions. Equip your IT staff to provide better — and faster — service.
  • Enterprise content management (ECM): Most government transactions begin and end with paper. Going paperless means finally moving to mobile access and digital services. Hyland ECM offers that potential by eliminating paper-based silos with a single, secure and central electronic repository.
  • Capture: Capturing paper, automatically pulling out the information it contains and providing tools to move to electronic forms is crucial to becoming truly paperless. Our capture tools reclaim staff time and support other efforts like online services and paper reduction.
  • Business process automation: Hyland solutions connect ECM tools, case management tools and workflow to allow you to relieve workload pressures (faster government) and enforce business rules (better government) — supporting less experienced staff while ensuring compliance with programmatic and statutory requirements. 
  • Enterprise file sync and share: Documents and document review is an essential activity of government and an integrated and secure way to share them is a welcome tool that speeds up extra-agency tasks while providing an audit trail of that activity.

Your simple path to IT modernization with digital transformation

A Hyland content services platform simplifies your IT environment by offering the toolkit that federal agencies need for digital transformation and IT modernization. It’s a single enterprise information platform for managing content, processes and cases that is easy to support and grow. Our solutions are supported with new releases every year so your system can continue to benefit from the latest technology and stay up-to-date with trends and needs. You’ll never face legacy software and modernization challenges again. And, with one platform to install, upgrade, secure, protect and integrate, your staff can manage the solutions your users and citizens demand.