Lending software solutions

Streamline the loan process, increase profits and decrease costs

According to the American Bankers Association, borrowers expect digital loan origination channels, but many lenders struggle to manage their loan products digitally from end to end. With increased competition and a digital-savvy consumer, financial institutions need a customer-centric approach to their lending processes and technology. This starts with a lending software solution that speeds up the loan origination process and enables effective loan servicing through smart automation tools. 

Manual or paper-based processing of loan applications leaves room for errors and delays, and impacts decision-making at various stages of the lending lifecycle. Data and documents that reside in disconnected systems add to the information gap. This leads to a lack of visibility and slows the time to approve, close and fund the loan. 

By leveraging lending software solutions, financial firms can effectively manage compliance with lending regulations while reducing the time it takes to approve loans. A lending software solution also lowers the risks associated with data management, enhances efficiencies and improves loan performance metrics. After the loan is closed, a smooth and transparent loan servicing process frees up your employees from tedious tasks and sluggish processes. It empowers them to focus more time on keeping borrowers satisfied. Another perk: a reduction in operational costs.    

A well-integrated system that manages the complete lifecycle of a loan with greater visibility and a modern digital presence gives your organization a competitive edge and lays the path for growth well into the future. 

Meet business and consumer demands with a powerful lending software solution

Hyland's content services platform is a flexible and scalable technology suite with key capabilities for lending.

  • Intelligent capture — Manage the volume of documents from disparate sources and easily access and extract them whenever and wherever you need them.   
  • Point-and-click configurable workflow — Automate, track and easily manage everyday processes with real-time notifications.
  • Case management — Organize, manage and optimize content, including compound documents and rich media files, across your organization, empowering users to find the information they need when they need it. 
  • Real-time tracking and reporting — Provide visibility into your content by monitoring, reporting and optimizing key processes and workstreams for continuous improvement.  
  • Integration with any LOS — Enhance business processes by empowering employees with the information they need in a single place. 

With content services, your institution can achieve:

  • Automation of the entire loan process, from origination to delivery to servicing
  • Complete information and process transparency
  • Compliance despite complex and changing regulations
  • Swift, borrower-centric service
  • Increased loan processing capability without adding resources
  • Reduced loan production costs

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