Banking and financial services compliance software 

Support compliance in banking with effective document and data management  

Turn banking compliance into a competitive advantage and accelerate your digital transformation journey with Hyland content services. Give your employees faster access to information and guarantee consistent and timely management and disposition of documents. This facilitates easier audits, ensures compliance with internal and external standards and prevents costly legal battles.

Manage regulatory compliance in banking with Hyland

The state of regulatory compliance in banking is ever-changing, high stakes and complex. Addressing important regulations like Know Your Customer (KYC) and Anti-Money Laundering (AML), for example, can be time intensive. And non-compliance can bring risk and potential fines. With Hyland content services solutions, bank employees don't spend time searching for, tracking and manually collecting information. Automation in banking compliance empowers efficient processes so your team can focus on work that derives greater value and supports customer experience.  

The right data and document management system supports compliance with regulations and helps you prepare for audits with a legally defensible audit trail. Hyland solutions can log every time a user accesses, views, edits or acts on a document. Executives and managers have easy access to review all audit logs to ensure everyone is following the organization’s rules. Your organization is empowered to provide greater access to information:  

  • From a configurable, intuitive user interface: Compliance documents, risk management reports and regulatory information is available when and where you need it. 
  • While working on other applications: Hyland solutions integrate with other applications like your banking core systems so you can access all information from a single place.  
  • For your customers: Improve satisfaction by streamlining information access and uploading processes. 
  • Make audit logs available to external auditors via a secure website, helping avoid costly penalties and ensuring corporate and industry compliance standards are met. The outcome is a reduction in costs and billable hours for external auditors.  
  • When offline: Your processes don’t have to be affected when workers are disconnected or systems are offline. With Hyland, you have the power to update and retrieve portfolio documents, complete forms and upload photos regardless of your internet connection.   
  • While on the go: You’ll get instant access to critical banking information so you can make informed decisions from your mobile devices. 

Increasing accessibility to information internally and externally is crucial, but managing the effectiveness of these processes helps identify information roadblocks that prevent your data from moving efficiently. Hyland solutions measure key performance indicators and process statistics for you to optimize processes.   

With content services solutions, your firm can mitigate compliance risk in banking by:

Be proactive with financial services compliance software

In today’s regulatory environment, financial institutions need to make sure their RegTech systems are secure, auditable, traceable and flexible enough to quickly adapt to any new requirements. And they must stay current with ever-evolving retention rules

With Hyland, supporting your compliance efforts while safeguarding your firm’s data is our priority. Our enterprise information platform integrates with your core banking and compliance systems with configurable security options and enhanced security measures. 

Key features include: 

  • Encryption for specific disk groups and keywords to directly secure your data at file system levels.  
  • Distributed disk services that act as an added layer of protection against ransomware attacks while your compliance data is being written to the file system.  
  • Digital signatures that alert risk compliance managers of unauthorized content modification and tampering.   

Hyland content services provides the tools to ensure consistent data and document management while delivering the right information to the right people. And its flexibility means it evolves with the changing regulations financial organizations are facing. 

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