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The path to digital transformation begins with the right document management solution

The future of banking is connected and insights-driven

Banking is in a state of disruption due to increasing competition, ever-evolving compliance requirements and a rapidly changing technology landscape. Many banks struggle with disconnected legacy systems and missing data — leaving workers with incomplete information and inefficient processes. Security threats and regulatory compliance are key concerns for banks, especially when it comes to managing customer data.

At the same time, customer experience in banking has changed. The bar is higher in terms of how consumers evaluate the trustworthiness of a financial firm. There has never been a more important time for banks to leverage all their data and documents to deliver personalized, omni-channel experiences that delight customers. Yet many banks are challenged to meet customer expectations by their lack of data insights and outdated document management systems.

Building a customer-centric financial firm

In this video, Forrester Principal Analyst Alyson Clarke tells us why delivering exceptional customer experiences that add value for the consumer should be at the heart of what all financial firms do.

Organizations need to deliver personalized experiences that are connected across all channels. Chatbots, virtual assistants and video conference tools can be effective engagement tools.

It’s also important to leverage human-to-human interactions whenever possible. These are important opportunities to create emotional connections, which can drive brand loyalty.

As the needs of consumers and the market constantly and rapidly change, leveraging partner ecosystems and creating a collaborative environment with the right bank software will help firms adapt quickly and stay competitive. 

Tools for a modern, future-ready bank

To prepare for the future, banks need to operate with agility and utilize banking software solutions that offer intelligence, automation, reliability and speed to market. The Hyland content services platform and bank software delivers the right solutions for today’s challenges and the next generation of banking: