Hyland Tech Outreach

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Mission Statement: Tech Outreach provides a variety of programs which teach students computer science to support a future where technology skills are essential, while giving employees the opportunity to give back to the community.


The influence of Hyland’s Tech Outreach reaches throughout Northeast Ohio as the many programs available to local students continue to grow. Below are examples of the growth of our programs:

Hy-Tech Camps

  • Summer 2014 (Inaugural year): 18 students participated
  • Summer 2017: 149 students participated
Hy-Tech Club
  • Fall 2014 (Inaugural year): 22 students participated
  • Spring 2018: 108 students participated
Hyland Hackathon
  • December 2015 (Inaugural year) 55 students competed
  • December 2017: 78 students
High School Innovation Showdown
  • 2013 (Inaugural year): 5 teams of students competed
  • 2017: 19 teams of students competed
Microsoft TEALS
  • 2017-2018 school year: 3 schools
  • 4 Hyland employees serving as computer science instructors
Field Trips
  • 2017-2018 school year: 34 school visits