Enterprise content management company partners with Hyland to support business objectives and growth.

ECM360 Limited Executive Manager Roy Godwin said his organization’s experience with Hyland is uniquely great in the world of supplier partnerships.

ECM360 Limited helps organizations strategize their way out of the content chaos created by modern workspaces. According to Godwin, the organization's partnership with Hyland has been so successful for three reasons:

  • The people and cultures of Hyland and ECM360 Limited are aligned.
  • “The technical support is amazing,” Godwin said.
  • The sales efforts on Hyland’s end are impactful.

The impact that partnering with Hyland has had with the business has been one of growth — both organizational and within the customer base.
— Roy Godwin, Executive Manager, ECM360 Limited 

This trifecta of effective partnership has amplified opportunities for organizational and customer growth.

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