ECM360 Limited on the benefits of long-term partnership with Hyland

From the people to technical and marketing support, Roy Godwin from ECM360 Limited, a New Zealand-based solutions provider, said its partnership with Hyland is unlike any other supplier relationship.

Full transcript:

“The impact that partnering with Hyland has had with the business has been one of growth — both organizational and within the customer base.

The best thing is definitely the people and the culture. That aligns with our organization and it aligns with our country and the customers in New Zealand, and that's been a selling point that has resonated with our customers and our prospects throughout the years. The Hyland organization is not a stranger, which is not the case with other suppliers in the past.

The technical support is outstanding. There is a great team in Melbourne, Australia, which supports us, and they’ve got great support behind them all the way through to Westlake, [Ohio]. The sales efforts are very solid, as we can call on anyone in the world if we need to, to help us get the information we need, and that’s something we haven't seen before.

Regarding marketing – providing events and conferences and seminars – it just solidifies exactly what working with Hyland and what the products are all about. It's just been a great experience and not one we've had with any other supplier that we've dealt with in the past.”