Tenure and Promotion Review

Ensure academic quality with automated faculty management software

Building a strong and talented faculty is a pivotal piece of recruiting best-fit students. Ensuring the integrity, transparency and order of the faculty tenure and promotion process allows your institution to attract and retain desirable faculty members.

Hyland faculty management software gives Provost Offices and related departments an automated, secure way to manage the complete faculty tenure review and promotion decision process, ensuring fairness and visibility throughout.

Fuels a collaborative review and decision process

Colleges and universities have long relied on a complex web of cross-campus, inter-departmental collaboration to manage faculty tenure and promotion. No matter what type of faculty member you are considering for promotion, the number of detailed documents and extenuating circumstances to consider is extensive.

This solution replaces paper-based, manual information gathering with electronic filing and workflow to:

  • Provide instant access to necessary information
  • Enable departments and administrative offices to share files electronically
  • Simplify the critical formalities of faculty tenure and promotion processes

Improves process management and increases visibility

With high levels of leadership involvement, these tenure and promotion procedures require a great deal of administrative oversight. The faculty management system automates this rigorous process from submission for promotion to the president or chancellor’s review and decision.

To achieve this, the solution:

  • Equips institutions with electronic forms to submit applications and all supporting documentation
  • Routes applications through the review process automatically
  • Grants immediate, secure visibility into every review stage

Elevates transparency and policy compliance

To ensure the integrity and ongoing consistency of faculty tenure and promotion, institutions work under an array of institutional and government regulations.

With all documents and content managed in the faculty management system, colleges and universities guarantee all information is secure while remaining completely accessible anywhere, anytime — whether on-campus or traveling. It does this by:

  • Providing permission-based document access at every step
  • Keeping an audit trail of any and all actions taken on a document or process

As a longstanding and vital way to foster the professional growth of faculty and teaching staff, Hyland faculty management software helps guarantee a fair and efficient decision-making process.