Financial Aid Processing and Verification

Strengthen enrolment efforts with more efficient financial aid processing

Financial aid offices at higher education institutions face a hefty challenge. With fewer staff and reduced budgets, they receive mounting pressure to review more applications and find best-fit students. To achieve this, they need to do away with the manual, paper-based processes of the past.
An OnBase financial aid processing solution uses electronic documents and automated process tools to enable institutions to quickly process high volumes of applications — even in peak periods — without the added costs of staff overtime and temporary help.

Our financial aid processing solution:

  • Integrates with your student information system so staff access required documents with the click of a button
  • Alerts staff to missing documents or information automatically 
  • Increases processes visibility, so applicant questions can be answered on the first call

With Hyland financial aid verification processing, institutions send out financial aid options sooner, encouraging students to enrol and bolstering efforts to meet enrolment goals.


Identifies the real issue behind financial aid breakdowns

Financial aid processes designed to handle a smaller applicant pool are getting overwhelmed with record numbers of applicants. And with less money to award, it’s that much more important to give it out to the right students. 

With a financial aid verification solution, you eliminate overburdened processes to ease verification, get packages out faster and remain compliant. You no longer risk losing best-fit applicants because staff can’t keep up. You also improve the speed and quality of customer service, helping to ensure that students are registered for classes on time.

Facilitates compliance with quick access to files

A Hyland financial aid solution makes it easier to make the changes that pending legislation may bring to protect your institution’s good standing and remain in compliance with federal requirements. When auditors come around, you produce the documents and reports they need quickly and easily. Staff also gain more time to dedicate to customer service and other student-facing initiatives.