Admissions Processing and Review

Accelerate admissions processing with university admissions software

During times of high volume, higher education admissions staff struggle to quickly process applications. To ensure they find best-fit students, institutions must abandon the traditional paper-based processes that delay decision making.

Hyland admissions processing software speeds your institutions decision making by:

  • Integrating with your student information system to eliminate manual, paper-based processes 
  • Automating tasks so staff time is spent focused on the applicants
  • Providing visibility into how the applicant pool aligns with your target populations
With Hyland university admissions software, institutions streamline undergraduate admissions management and review to make acceptance decisions ahead of the competition and achieve institutional enrolment goals.

Remove the hassle of paper and reduce manual labour

Remove manual, paper-based processes that slow down the Admissions office. This means you can do more work faster, enabling you to handle the increasing volume of applications received each year, without adding staff.

Speed student admissions processing by cutting delays

Hyland admissions software automates the capture and routing of applications for faster, more accurate decisions. Manually processing files and documents submitted in paper is no longer necessary. Instead, paper-based documents that support applications — such as transcripts and letters of recommendation — can be scanned upon receipt.

Because our solutions automatically import electronic documents and data feeds, admissions staff no longer need to print applications received online. As documents are imported into the system, it automatically indexes them with information from your SIS while updating its checklist — reducing or eliminating manual data entry. Then, the system matches and adds the documents to the digital application file it automatically created.

View and shape the class as it's forming

To build the best class possible, admissions directors need to be able to view all aspects of the school’s applicants. With a Hyland admissions solution, the applicant pool is divided by demographic data — such as targeted states or regions, CEEB codes, ethnicity, etc. — so stakeholders can follow how a class forms.