Bolster compliance efforts with increased process visibility

Compliance is a priority for Athletics departments and one that impacts the roles and responsibilities of various key personnel from coaches and trainers to athletics administrative staff, the Athletic Director and, of course, compliance officers. Tracking compliance with the regulations surrounding activities such as recruiting new student athletes and monitoring current student athletes’ academic eligibility and injury treatment and recovery requires conscientious, detailed communication and documentation.

Unfortunately, paper-based filing and inconsistent approaches to reporting interferes with an Athletics department’s ability to effectively communicate and collaborate across departments, leaving many institutions open to compliance-related scrutiny. 

By leveraging Hyland solutions for document and process management in Athletics, institutions drive efficiencies and bolster compliance, while streamlining back office administrative tasks like equipment purchasing requests and inventory management. Our solutions electronically store information in one central repository, offering authorised users instant access to documents. This can be anything from a physician’s report with conditioning restrictions for a recovering athlete to a scouting report for a possible recruit. Business process management tools facilitate the submission, routing and approval of requests for onsite and offsite recruiting visits and provide enhanced visibility, making monitoring compliance efforts easy.