Law Enforcement

Help build a safer community

Hyland Law Enforcement Solutions enable police, sheriffs and state troopers to reduce operating costs while providing a more efficient process for storing and accessing files. With the solution, critical documents and files – including photos, videos and audio files – are stored in a secure environment that can be quickly accessed from a records management system (RMS) and other data systems as well as mobile devices and laptops in the field.

The solution also automates processes like records requests, arraignments and warrants while providing constituents with self-service, online access to public records. It can even be leveraged across law enforcement to other outside agencies such as  prosecution, courts, public defenders and correctional facilities, allowing them to share the common documents as cases move throughout each agency, saving even more time and money.

By leveraging Hyland solutions, you eliminate paper to speed up processes while providing secure, instant access to safety personnel when needed – in the field or office. Help redirect resources to the safety of your communities, empowering your agency to survive on a reduced budget and smaller staff.