Affordable Housing and Urban Development

Enhance programme delivery and improve oversight

Today, every dollar counts for the federal government as it faces greater need from citizens across the country. Despite reduced budgets and staff turnover, the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) and other federal agencies that support affordable housing can improve processes and enhance programme delivery with cost-effective, modern technology.

Hyland’s solutions for document management, grants management, records management and inspections can help the federal government work more efficiently with state/local agencies and Federal Housing Administration (FHA) lenders to deliver on its mission “to provide safe, decent, affordable housing for the American people while being good stewards of taxpayer dollars.”

Automate grants management for faster processing

Hyland’s grants management solution replaces paper filing, printing and copy tasks with online information, secure access and automated audit trails. These safeguards, plus simultaneous access to files and version control, means you can support compliant programme delivery and protect programme records. With Hyland’s workflow capabilities, automate grant management tasks like document routing and approvals to help employees meet deadlines, as well as documentation and review requirements. The solution notifies staff of required steps they must take and automatically identifies any missing documentation, making each step of the process easier and faster to complete.

Improve oversight and facilitate compliance

With Hyland solutions, departments can securely store all required documentation and automate compliance tasks to ensure that programmes, housing subsidies and lenders meet federal guidelines. Using our content services platform, you can store all related information in a single document repository, helping staff manage increasing workloads while facilitating compliance. Our solutions also allow programme directors to perform pre-audit sampling of programme files, ensuring programmes meet documentation and compliance requirements.

Enhance property inspection processes

Hyland’s solutions for inspections can help the federal government better monitor properties to ensure affordable housing is safe, sanitary and in good repair. Empower field staff by giving them mobile access to the information they need to complete inspections while off site, such as work or service orders, and make it easy for office staff to instantly access submitted reports to speed processing. Hyland’s configurable solutions allow agencies to implement tools like web portals, e-forms, and mobile photo and video uploading, as well as automate workflows that route documents for reviews and approvals. With intelligent content services in place, inspectors can improve collaboration and complete more inspections.

Improve the entire records management lifecycle

With Hyland’s record management capabilities, your organisation can better manage the entire records lifecycle from creation, usage and maintenance to destruction or archival preservation. Our comprehensive capabilities enable you to:

  • Meet regulatory requirements for records retention
  • Configure automated rules and workflows for retention tasks like approvals, transfer to storage, archival and deletion
  • Automate records declaration, retention and holds
  • Provide defensible auditing for the entire lifecycle of your records
  • Save storage space through the automatic destruction of documents that no longer have value
  • Centrally manage records, with uniform retention policies and chain of custody