Priority Work Management

Complete work faster by dynamically sending tasks to workers with the right skillset

Financial institutions are searching for ways to provide the best customer service. One simple way is to route customer requests to the person best suited to answer their unique questions as quickly as possible. Unfortunately, even in a highly automated process, it can be difficult and time consuming to send tasks to the right knowledge worker, and high priority items are often lost in the manual shuffle.

Hyland’s Priority Work Management solution automatically assigns and routes internal servicing activities, ensuring the most important and urgent tasks are assigned first, to the employees with the skill, knowledge and time to complete them.

Designed to help financial services and insurance organizations by both automating and streamlining internal processes, Priority Work Management helps your team:

  • Prioritize tasks based on importance and urgency
  • Automate task routing to eligible workers
  • Reduce costs by enabling employees to work efficiently
  • Improve customer response times

By eliminating process bottlenecks and ensuring staff can complete tasks efficiently, the solution enables staff to provide faster, better customer service — improving customer satisfaction and strengthening the organization’s position for long-term growth.

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