Banking operations management software solutions

Create consistency for account origination and management

There are scores of transactional processes taking place at the same time in every financial Institution. All could benefit from the streamlined efficiency that a robust content services platform creates. Account opening. Courier management. E-signatures. Fraud mitigation. Line-of-business integrations. Loan shipping. Wire transfer execution.

Using Hyland content services to manage these processes across departments and locations helps financial services organisations cut costs and save time. It also gives them one single reference point to consult across departments and processes. This makes it easier and more satisfying for customers to do business with them.

The right banking operations management software solution also gives organisations increased transparency into documents, information and processes. Executives and managers gain improved visibility using a dashboard that presents an overview of critical information in one easy-to-read screen, so they see how processes are working in real time. 

Not only does it increase the ability to share information internally and externally, it also helps identify roadblocks and measure the effectiveness of processes. By measuring key performance indicators and process statistics, management optimises processes, creating a competitive advantage in the marketplace.

Create consistency for account origination and management 

Paper-based processes slow new business and fail to capture critical information, but even banks doing business digitally can be at risk for slow-downs. Just because you can access customer data electronically or scan documents into line-of-business systems doesn’t mean your processes are efficient.

Instead of managing paperwork when opening new accounts or managing existing accounts, you simply capture data directly into your content services solution, regardless of original format. Employees enter required information without leaving familiar applications and capture signatures digitally. That means employees never leave the customer’s sight or ask them to wait.

With the right banking operations management solution, banks:

  • Reduce the overall processing time per transaction while increasing accuracy 
  • Create consistency in processes 
  • Gain increased visibility and transparency 
  • Protect against fraud and mitigate risks 
  • Enable straight-through processing and use E-signatures to increase speed

That optimisation can be deployed departmentally or enterprise-wide, depending on needs and budgets.