Why choose Hyland?

Customers choose Hyland to further their digital transformation journey. With our modern, open and cloud-native platforms, they can build strong connections and keep evolving.

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Switching to Hyland

By going with Hyland instead of upgrading FileNet, we instantly saved $400,000 … and we evolve the system ourselves at a much lower cost. For instance, developing our current workflow in FileNet would have cost $200,000 more.

— Kimberly Wraight, ECM Coordinator, Washtenaw County

Why Hyland?

Hyland provides the foundation for better, more modern connections for both the technology you use and the people who use it.

Intelligent content services

From intelligent capture to intelligent search, Hyland’s content services platforms help you activate AI and intelligent digital work streams.


Future-looking, cloud-powered deployments support speed, resilience and innovation in the face of evolving markets and consumer expectations.


Configurable, open solutions enable automation and allow organizations to incorporate advanced technologies into any business process workflow.


Deploy your Hyland content services platform on Amazon Web Services (AWS) and benefit from world-class cloud innovation, execution and support.

Process automation

Streamline critical work with intelligently automated workflows, starting with intelligent capture and including AI, machine learning, RPA and more.


A vibrant community of users and experts offers innovation and quick solutions so you can keep pace with changing needs.

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What analysts say about Hyland

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Insights from Hyland

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