Hyland Cloud

Reliable. Privately managed. Secure.

With the Hyland Cloud, organizations have a safe, dependable hosting option that saves money, frees up time for staff and removes the burden of in-house data maintenance and protected storage. Hyland Cloud customers have dedicated support 24/7/365.

The Hyland Cloud is custom designed to serve as the hosting platform for our cloud-based applications. Since 2004, Hyland has offered cloud-deployment of OnBase, our enterprise information platform. We continue to drive innovative cloud-based solutions, including ShareBase by Hyland, which are hosted exclusively in the Hyland Cloud.


Individual encryption eliminates data commingling

Documents stored in the Hyland Cloud can be encrypted using individual 256-AES or 128-AES encryption keys. Data is protected while in use, in transit and at rest – and never commingles with other organizations’ content.

Established experience and expertise

Hyland truly pioneered ECM in the cloud, providing a cloud deployment option for ECM long before our competitors. With billions of documents stored in the Hyland Cloud, organizations know they are trusting a mature and sophisticated solution platform.



Dependable data

Reliable, accredited data centers provide the highest levels of availability and uptime and are managed by a dedicated team of internal Hyland cloud experts. Historically, Hyland Cloud customers have enjoyed 99.99% availability of data, thanks to aggressive data redundancy and backup protocol.

Scalable for business growth

From small organizations needing less than 1 gigabyte of storage to larger enterprises requiring more than 100 terabytes, the Hyland Cloud can accommodate storage needs as business evolves.



Limitless possibilities

The Hyland Cloud is there for organizations with even the toughest regulations and most stringent security and SLA requirements.

Visibility and reliability

Data is stored in-region and organizations always know where their data is located. They can also contractually determine which country contains all copies of their data. With nine data centers in four continents, meeting the needs and requirements of more than 26 countries, the Hyland Cloud is trusted by more than 700 customers around the world.


Comprehensive security and disaster recovery protocols

The team at Hyland manages the data centers around the globe to provide a redundant, reliable, up-to-date infrastructure in a secure environment. More than 60 dedicated Cloud Services professionals manage:

  • Disaster recovery
  • Recovery point objective
  • Restoration time objective
  • Service level agreement commitments
  • Ongoing penetration and vulnerability testing

Global Cloud Services is regularly audited and certified to retain security credentials and provide service to customers with highly sensitive data

  • SOC 2 and 3 audited
  • Cloud Security Alliance Registered
  • Global Cloud Services wing at corporate headquarters requires additional security clearance for access

Hyland's Global Cloud Services team works exclusively to support the Hyland Cloud. Never outsourced, this seasoned team of cloud professionals is available 24/7/365, providing oversight on governance, risk, compliance, security, network and infrastructure, operations, database services, data services and support.


Our data centers meet or exceed required security standards, and our cloud management group is independently audited and certified.

Hyland Cloud Certifications

Data centers

  • SOC 1 and 3 or 2 audited
  • ISO 27001 certified (or local equivalent)
  • TIA Tier 3 or 4

Hyland Cloud Services

  • SOC 2 and 3 audited
  • Cloud Security Alliance
  • Limited physical access

Hyland Cloud Data Centers

Data Centers

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