SAP integration

The integration enables organizations to connect SAP transactional data with information stored in the Hyland content services platform.

Benefits of Hyland’s integration for SAP
Reduced manual steps

Capture and extract data from documents, validate the information in SAP databases and update transactions.

Quick access to document data

Access documents alongside SAP records within SAP, add or update records and tasks or schedule events.

Streamlined business processes

Audit all processes, leverage workflows to route information to and from SAP, and enable users to take action.

Key features

Integrating Hyland with SAP adds enterprise content management, case management and workflows. Users across your organization will now have easy access to all content from SAP.


Reduces manual accounts payable work

The Hyland content services platform streamlines invoice processing and introduces control, consistency and oversight into the approval process.

Automates accounts receivable work

The platform automates AR tasks and provides access to data and documents, plus visibility into days sales outstanding and cash flow.

Streamlines purchase requisitions

Managers and executives achieve improved clarity through the ability to create, route, track and administer all purchase requisitions.

Improves human resources processes

By connecting Hyland with SAP, employee files are stored in a single, secure system, improving findability as well as policy and procedure management.

Increases contract management control

The Hyland content services platform manages the complete contract life cycle, automating predictable steps and empowering staff to complete data-driven work.

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