Hyland is here for you, now more than ever. As the world adapts to contend with
COVID-19, our priority is the wellbeing of our community of customers, partners and employees.

Immediate assistance with critical business challenges

  • Return-to-work readiness

  • Remote workforce

  • System demand

  • Staffing impacts

  • Business continuity

  • Virtual training programs

Create a safer and more secure on-site work environment

Most companies expect up to 88 percent of employees to return to work on-site by mid-December, according to a McKinsey survey of 100 executives. In so doing, organizations must adapt to new ways of doing business.

Employee safety is at the forefront of this new normal, from increasing hygiene protocols to limiting direct and indirect person-to-person contact. Our Return to Work Readiness apps can help you develop this safer and smarter work environment for your returning employees.

  • Our quick-to-deploy Incident Readiness tracking app empowers you to track and support affected individuals (including employees, students, teachers and citizens) and supplies such as medical equipment and vehicles during an emergency situation. It also allows individuals to self-report their health status to HR staff, educational institution or local government agency via the app. The organization can then track the lifecycle of the incident – from initial self-report all the way through to any actions needed to close the case.
  • COVID-19 hot spots emerge and recede throughout the U.S. and around the globe. For this reason, travel restrictions and recommendations evolve daily. Our Travel Request Approval app helps ensure that all appropriate approvals occur prior to booking travel, and provides organizations with an easy way to manage those rapidly changing rules.
  • While the world waits for effective treatment plans and a vaccine, some employees may have to take extended leave because of illness or exposure – or for reasons unconnected to COVID-19. The HR Leave Request app helps standardize the process. After an employee submits an electronic form to request time away, HR can centralize and track that request – and information connected to it – in real-time. Necessary follow-up tasks and notifications are tracked as well, including requests for FMLA.
  • As organizations re-evaluate physical work environments, it is increasingly important to effectively track and manage information related to those properties, whether owned or leased. The Property Management app helps organizations improve the property management process by providing visibility and automation to many manual processes. As leases expire, workforce locations shift or action must be taken to evaluate properties, property managers can access the information they need quickly and easily to make the best decision possible.
  • Staffing needs and business requirements are likely to remain fluid for some time to come. These shifts require the ability to issue and better track assets and licenses to remote or temporary workers, which the Asset Management app provides. Maintain asset information, including to whom the asset is and when it is requested. Track each asset by location, issuer and requester for a complete view into all your organization’s assets out on loan.

Return-to-work readiness app support

Access a library of Return to Work Readiness application resources, including documents, videos and more, gathered to support our customers and partners.

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Empowering your remote workforce

Ensuring remote workers have secure access to critical business content is a challenge for organizations around the world. The sheer scale of remote work creates specific challenges not only for required system and information access but also for required collaboration.

As organizations continue to develop remote work capabilities and balance workloads to relieve stressed on-premises systems, Hyland provides the right tools to keep your users connected, your content accessible and your critical processes moving forward.

This includes ShareBase – our secure cloud-based content sharing and collaboration platform – which enables remote access to critical documents. Explore the possibilities of using ShareBase for secure collaboration and document sharing with internal and external stakeholders as a standalone solution or integrated with a content management platform.

On the business frontlines are HR teams, working hard to ensure remote employees have the support they need to do the best work possible and feel connected to their company’s culture. This is especially true for new employees. With Hyland’s paperless, digital OnBoarding solution, HR can better equip new staff with the tools they need to contribute positively on day one. HR can monitor onboarding process status through each step.

Paperless processes can help slow the spread of infectious disease by eliminating touchpoints and the need for in-person gatherings. Hyland’s Employee File Management solution optimizes HR processes, giving representatives instant digital access to employee information and providing access while working remote. The solution also creates a secure way to store and access that information, providing a complete audit trail of user access.

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Increased demand on critical systems

We understand how critical it is to maintain your day-to-day operations – particularly when systems are overstressed in times of struggle.

Hyland is offering rental licensing at the normal licensing cost, prorated on a monthly basis. This will allow customers to quickly scale applications without paying any sort of penalty fee normally associated with temporary system demand. These rental licenses will be issued rapidly and can be retired once the need is no longer there.

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Preparing for staff impact

In the coming months, many of your employees may need to take time off to focus on their health and the health of their families. Hyland can assist with staffing challenges via our managed services offerings. We have long-standing programs in place for temporary coverage for both admin and developer roles.

Whether you need support for your Hyland application or are looking for a way to free up your OnBase admin to cover another business gap, we are able to augment your coverage to ensure your critical business processes are not disrupted. We can help ensure your Hyland applications are running smoothly or even rapidly deploy new custom solutions to meet tomorrow’s challenges.

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Ensuring business continuity

From critical contingency planning and security safeguards to disaster recovery solutions and related consulting, Hyland can help you avoid business disruption. On-premises deployments can be negatively impacted by the inability to have staff onsite, including managing the physical infrastructure, identifying and troubleshooting issues, and ensuring continued availability of the database to all who need access. 

You can work with Hyland to ensure business continuity at this challenging time – from embracing critical contingency planning and security safeguards to offering disaster recovery solutions and related consulting. Our ultimate business continuity offering – the privately managed Hyland Cloud – is designed to provide you with secure remote access to your critical content (and your customers’ critical information) with high availability — 99.99% uptime.

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Expanded Access to Remote Education

In support of your critical need to respond to changes in your business and improve issue resolution, Hyland offers more free eLearning courses to support technical skill growth, and remote skill building for your entire workforce.

Now is the time to ensure your team has the skills they need to effectively support your Hyland solutions and ensure they adapt to the ever-changing demands of the business and your customers.

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  • Complete Free Premium Courses, and Premium Hands-on Labs as we cycle through our library to make more training available, for a limited time. Get started today.
  • Expand your Remote Skills through our Remote expertise courses which have been added to our catalog for all users, helping everyone adjust to a remote work environment and improve the quality of remote meetings.
  • Attend Online TechQuest in November! Join us for our OnBase focused TechQuest with more than 70 hands-on sessions in our remote classroom experience. The full TechQuest agenda will be available from the comfort of your home office.
  • Questions or need further details?  Contact us directly at [email protected]

Additional resources

Hyland is donating to Direct Relief, which supplies healthcare workers around the globe with personal protective equipment and other medical essentials. Direct Relief is consistently recognized for efficiency and impact in times of crisis, and we are proud to support this life-saving work.

If you’d like to join us in making a contribution, please visit Direct Relief to donate.