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The content services platform checklist

Scaling with a content services platform requires you to evaluate the right customization and capabilities that match your organization’s requirements. 

If you’re considering a full-featured, flexible content services platform that adapts to your needs — you’re not alone. But choosing the right software can be a daunting mission.

We’ve created a quick checklist that you can use to understand a vendor’s ability to meet modern requirements with their platform offering.

Core Capabilities

Can the platform manage:

  • Documents and data Video content
  • 3D files
  • Internet of Things (IoT) data

Does the platform support:

  • Large-scale bulk ingestion
  • Global access to information
  • Basic and advanced search in <50 ms
  • Complex/non-hierarchical information taxonomies

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Is the platform flexible enough to:

  • Allow different core systems to “talk to” each other
  • Allow users to keep working with the tools they prefer
  • Integrate seamlessly with a wide range of services and apps
  • Run in the cloud environment you prefer
  • Scale aggressively without performance impacts
  • Continuously improve instead of requiring expensive upgrades

Advanced Capabilities

Does your platform offer:

If the platform you’re considering doesn’t tick all the boxes — we’re here to show you a better way forward.