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The Aragon Research Globe™ for Enterprise Content Platforms, 2020

Discover why Aragon Research identified Hyland's Nuxeo Platform as a leader in the enterprise content platforms market.

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This research note examines 12 major providers in the enterprise content platforms market focusing on AI-centered intelligent content analytics solutions.

By replacing outdated enterprise content management (ECM) systems with a modern enterprise content platform (ECP), organizations can significantly reduce total cost of ownership (TCO) while embracing a platform approach to content management.

Organizations that select an ECP benefit from automated processes, intelligent content services, scalability, and more.

This research note provides details on:

  • The current state of the ECP market
  • Why there is a shift to content platforms
  • 12 vendors in the space

Discover why Hyland's Nuxeo Platform was identified as a leader in this year’s report.