Patrick Walker, SWAT Team Leader, Funeral Directors Life Insurance

Funeral Directors Life is an insurance company that specializes in pre-need funerals. You can pay for your funeral before you actually reach that point. 

We've been using it (OnBase) since about March. Over that six months, it hasn't been a lot of time, but we've implemented many solutions that have sped up processing, automation, and overall time for us. 

We realized that we really weren't getting the biggest bang for our buck, as far as what we could do with our system and for our people, so we started to explore different venues. What can we do in this area? What if we could do this? 

So it honestly started with a thinking of “How far can we look ahead and automate all these processes?” And at that time, it was just kind of an idea: How can we do this? So with OnBase, we had those keys to get into the car and drive and just go wherever we wanted to, as far as automation goes. 

Workview has allowed someone that really doesn't know a lot of coding to get in there and work. For example, I really have no background in coding, but I was able to get into Workview and create solutions. 

We wanted to get in there and see what all we could make easier for our users as far as what they know, what they don't know, how far we want to take the low code program. 

We have a department that has a process where they have to identify documents that we don’t have that we need to send to other people. So the old process is, they would type an email, research the claim, and say, “All right, we need a death certificate or some sort of document.” Now they can go in, select the documents that they need in a Unity form, press submit, and it sends the notification to the correct person, all without having to open their Outlook. 

So the automation has allowed us to create a way to communicate faster and more efficiently with our funeral homes, with our policyholders, and just internally, as well. It has taken away that need to wait five minutes to send the email or go into our system and execute a task that would take longer. 

The automation has allowed us to connect with our company and our clients in a faster more efficient way. If you ask anyone in Funeral Directors Life, they love OnBase. It has made their lives so much easier, and now they have ideas, because they're used to the program. They have ideas of where they want to go and how we can do it.