Microsoft 365 integration

By seamlessly extending Hyland solutions to support Microsoft 365 collaboration, users are more productive while maintaining a single source of truth, access controls and compliance standards.

Key features

Microsoft 365 provides strong options for sharing and collaboration. Hyland solutions integrate with both Microsoft Office and Microsoft OneDrive without sacrificing business, governance and security needs.


Simplify access to managed content

By integrating our content services platforms directly with Microsoft 365, users can access and edit content without leaving the environment they know.

Collaborate and annotate in real time

Either using its integrated document viewers or Microsoft 365 apps, Hyland enables active, real-time collaboration on documents and annotations.

Improve security for third-party collaboration

Hyland simplifies collaboration with external users while decreasing the risk of sharing documents via email, USB drives and unsanctioned cloud-sharing services.

Simplified content management

Instead of requiring difficult-to-follow processes for collecting assets or requiring complex content migrations, Hyland simplifies end-user procedures, automatically managing files stored in Microsoft SharePoint or Microsoft OneDrive.

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