IT Performance Assessment

Set your solutions up for the best performance outcomes, now and into the future

“Our task is to understand what the customer needs... what are their objectives and goals? We are going to provide recommendations that clearly articulate the current state, options for moving forward, and how those different options influence performance.”
— Jim Dimmick, Senior Infrastructure Consultant, Global Services

Tuning for performance in all layers of infrastructure that contribute to a content services implementation extends not only the performance and capacity capabilities of your solutions, but the life of system components as well, including hardware and database instances.

This service is ideal when you are seeing different performance results across clients, or are looking to validate solution health. It is also useful if you are looking for solution-specific performance recommendations.

Evaluating the layers of technology contributing to Hyland solution performance

In an IT Performance Assessment, our consultants evaluate how layers of technology work together — including infrastructure, database, and solution configurations — to yield high performing solutions. We’ll provide a snapshot of resource utilization across these layers and solution-specific settings to improve performance and stability, and also can include recommendations for proper database maintenance.

We’ll review the general health of your database server environment, capacity plans, maintenance plans and how to optimize the database.

We'll also review your plan for SAN/storage configuration and sizing, and design infrastructure to provide specific guidance for performance improvements required to maintain a high-performing, healthy solution for your exact infrastructure, usage and requirements.

Key Deliverables in an IT Performance Assessment

  • Solution-specific settings to improve performance and stability
  • List of settings not in keeping with current standards, and areas of limited computing resources
  • Review of database maintenance

Safeguard your solution success

Under performing solutions frustrate users and affect user adoption of your solutions. They also affect throughput of critical transactional processes and process workflows.

Look to our experts for performance consulting and information management solution optimization. Together we’ll ensure your Hyland solutions deliver the outcomes they were intended to provide.

Five Optimal Times to Engage Enterprise Infrastructure Consulting

  1. At the onset of implementing your solution; provides validation that the methods you are incorporating sufficiently equip your enterprise for performance, including High Availability, Disaster Recovery and general functionality for current and future capacity requirements
  2. When you are about to embark on expanding your existing implementation in terms of scale and/or functionality
  3. A conversion effort from another system to a Hyland platform is scheduled or underway, and potentially will impact solution load
  4. You are experiencing performance issues that Technical Support has determined are not a result of configuration or software components
  5. Every other year for the purpose of a solution health check or prior to upgrades