Technical and Business Consulting Services

Expert guidance that brings your vision to reality

We are in an unprecedented era of technology-enabled innovation, where the pace of digital transformation is creating significant opportunities in every marketplace.

Adapting with rapidly evolving user expectations for information access is critical, and requires robust technology platforms — but also the capabilities to deliver transformative solutions.

To get to where you want to be, you need to know where you’re coming from.

Our expert consultants are there to help you get started with your information management journey and guide you along the way, providing support as your solutions mature and expand.

Realize the full potential of your Hyland solutions and bring your vision to reality

Rely on our technical and business consulting services to help with the planning, design and performance of your solutions.

Hyland’s expert consultants provide industry-specific business process analysis, roadmapping and enterprise planning, infrastructure and performance planning, ROI assessments and change management services.

Our technical and business consulting services empower your organization to methodically advance initiatives and expedite bringing your vision to reality:

  • Align solutions and technology strategy with enterprise strategic vision, ensuring you are fully leveraging new or existing Hyland investments within your organization, and that your solutions evolve with business needs.
  • Set your implementations and solutions up for success. Engage our teams for proven change management methodologies that foster enthusiasm and user adoption.
  • Make certain your infrastructure ensures your solutions not only have the performance and capacity capabilities required as you expand and evolve your solutions, but also extend the life of system components including hardware and database instances.
  • Gain peace of mind with guidance and expert methodologies for high availability and disaster recovery planning.

We are consultants and your trusted advisors who have a genuine interest in helping you make the best decisions for your organization. Our industry experts are ready to lead you to success by meeting you where you are and taking you where you want to be.

For more than 25 years, Hyland’s driving force has been to empower our customers to continually improve work processes by making information that exists in your organization work better for you.