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Discover Hyland

In this e-book, we introduce our content services platform and solutions, and how Hyland's people-first technology improves your business' processes. Read now.

In case the term “content services” doesn’t tell you everything you need to know about what Hyland does and who we are — we’ve got an e-book for you.

In Discover Hyland: An introduction to our content services, you’ll get a glimpse into the Hyland universe of solutions. From what we do and how we do it, to why we are so passionate about improving business processes through content services, this e-book puts Hyland’s people-first technology front and center.

For example, you’ll learn about our broad spectrum of solutions, which are:

  • Expertly tailored to your needs and industry
  • Intelligently automated so your team can focus on high-value work
  • Agile and adaptive to support your evolving requirements
  • Low-code and configurable without a developer’s background
  • Deployed in the cloud or on premises
  • Designed for streamlining workflows and business processes

Alongside our solutions, we’ve included excerpts from nine case studies that cover the breadth of our top-shelf content services:

  • Capture
  • Content management
  • Process automation
  • Customer communication management
  • Collaboration
  • Case management
  • Reporting and analytics
  • Search
  • Retention and records management

Our focus is content services, but our mission is so much more: To help your employees, customers and partners exceed their potential. Can you do that through technology? We know you can — and we do, every day through our Hyland product deployments around the world.