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From chaos to control

Integrate siloed systems to prevent IT sprawl in higher education.

Managing and supporting multiple IT systems across any organization is a challenge, but even more so at educational institutions, which typically employ disparate applications across the campus. Document management, document imaging and content management are especially susceptible to this IT sprawl. A mix of multiple IT vendors can further complicate integration when solutions are deployed only in extremely simplistic ways, such as electronic filing cabinets or basic document routing.

Discover how an enterprise-wide strategy is crucial in connecting and consolidating departmentally scattered solutions to streamline workflows, reduce costs and increase staff productivity. In this e-book, learn:

  • The five keys to gaining control over IT sprawl and multiple systems

  • The benefits of migrating to the cloud for your institution

  • How content services capabilities go beyond basic paperless filing and routing — providing support for your institution’s strategy

As part of an enterprisewide strategy, modern content services support your institution’s most mission-critical endeavors: enrolling and retaining students, providing an exceptional student experience, satisfying funders, and other external stakeholders, raising the institution’s regional or national profile, and bolstering its fiscal stability.