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Defense in depth: How the cloud fits into the best defense strategies

Integrating a robust cloud component into your defense-in-depth strategy is critical to protecting your data into the future. Learn more.

Today’s leaders know they need to prioritize data security and defense resilience — but how? When fortifying your organization against malicious attacks and catastrophic events, the right cloud infrastructure can help you save hundreds of thousands of dollars and hours. 

In this comprehensive ebook, “Defense in depth: Leveraging the cloud to reinforce 7 critical layers of security,” you’ll walk away with a thorough understanding of:

  • The seven layers for a strong defense-in-depth strategy
  • Where your organization is in its preparedness
  • What good defense looks like at organizations that get it right 
  • How a strong cloud strategy provides the safest way to secure your data, your processes and your organization’s future success

Every organization needs to have a future-forward mindset, and with a modern and strategic defense strategy in place, you can better protect your data, your people and your future.


Demo: Hyland Cloud — 7 Layers of defense

This video provides an overview of Hyland Cloud's layers of defense.