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Transcript capture

Overcome the challenge of transcript capture and processing.

When your transcript capture and evaluation processes revolve around paper, manual data entry and transcript reviews by hand are the norm. This stretches out the decision period and forces students to wait weeks or even months to receive admission, course equivalency and financial aid decisions. This puts you at a massive disadvantage when compared to other institutions with more efficient transcript review processes competing for the same students.

So how do you overcome these challenges and ensure you get out of the starting blocks faster than competing institutions?

Investing in an automated transcript capture and evaluation solution provides your institution with the tools to help drive faster decisions as well as fast — and more accurate — course equivalency reports. That means you can get answers and information into the hands of students ahead of your competition. And that can be the difference between securing or losing out on a best-fit student for your institution.

Download this e-book to discover the advantages gained by investing in the right transcript solution and how to make sure you make the right choice for your institution.