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5 myths that stall strategic conversions

Conversion efforts can be daunting, but they don’t have to be. Learn five common myths that stall critical projects.

ECM is not content services. And conversions from legacy ECM silos to modern platforms are not just required as your systems age, they’re increasingly a critical component in keeping pace with today’s digital marketplace. Especially if your version of FileNet is no longer supported by tech support.

Converting to a modern content services platform enables you to optimize business processes and customer experiences with very few IT resources, and often yields immediate high value. More than half of the 2019 Fortune 100 companies leverage Hyland solutions.

While conversion efforts can be daunting, they don’t have to be. Read on to learn five common myths that stall these critical projects:

  1. It’s going to cost too much
  2. Replacing outdated legacy systems is not an executive priority
  3. Data extraction is too big of a risk
  4. We’ll have to migrate everything all at once
  5. A conversion project will be too disruptive to our business processes

You’ll learn how to separate fact from fiction in conversion projects. And simple strategies for how to use Hyland’s resources for successful conversion projects.

From managing the project, to extracting metadata and documents from legacy systems, to importing to the new platform and the project management of all of it — experience matters.