August 13, 2020

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Xander Schauffele wins with trust in his advisors and confidence in the tools in his bag. What’s in your bag?

The Hyland platform can be your X factor, empowering you to outpace your competition and provide an outstanding customer experience.

Tom Davis

Director of specialty sales at Hyland

Imagine if Xander Schauffele’s caddie, Austin Kaiser – a longtime friend and trusted advisor – handed him the same club every time he approached his golf ball for a shot, whether he was on the tee, the fairway, or the green. That approach simply would not work, as each shot is unique and requires a unique tool.

What makes the combination of Xander, an elite golf professional, and Austin, a world-class golf advisor, so powerful is that they leverage all the information available to them and select the correct tools at the correct time to achieve their objective. Xander approaches each shot with full confidence that he and Austin have evaluated all the variables such as weather, distance, and hazards in play, and have made a highly informed decision on what shot to hit and which club to use.

Xander and Austin are keenly aware of each one of the 14 clubs the PGA allows them to carry in their bag and they know how to optimize each piece of that platform. On the course, these two face incredible pressure to make these decisions and execute a perfect shot all in a matter of a few minutes as they must maintain a brisk pace of play.

Choose Wisely

The story of Xander and Austin and their success on the golf course is no different than the story of your organization. In today’s business climate, speed is par for the course, automation is king, and you need the right tools to keep up. Your customers want it a week ago and they want it sent to them via text!

In response to those customer needs, you face pressure to be agile, you must modify processes instantly, and you have to provide solutions to automate the business extremely fast. Just like the incredibly wide selection of golf equipment available in the market, there are countless niche technology solutions and many application-building platforms to evaluate.

Time spent scrutinizing and procuring these tools each time the business changes delays the deployment of critical applications or solutions. While these evaluations are occurring, your competition is quickly rolling out new applications and processes to meet customer demands.

Xander knows when he faces a difficult shot that he has the right tools in his bag to achieve success. When it comes to your business, how do you choose the platform you need to develop new applications or create new solutions in order to achieve success and meet customer demand?

The Hyland platform, much like Xander’s golf bag, has the tools you need and we can expertly advise you on when and how to use them. More importantly, your team can take ownership and create the solutions they need to quickly respond to your unique business challenges. The Hyland platform can provide your organization with a world-class, low-code application building platform, an industry-leading workflow and business logic engine, and best-of-breed information management software to run your business.

On the course, Xander and Austin are limited to the 14 clubs in their bag and they do an excellent job of maximizing that platform. The subtle advantage that our customers experience with our platform is that there are no boundaries to where they can take these solutions. Hyland provides a platform to create a broad set of business applications for the enterprise.

In Xander’s world, this would be like having the ability to multiply Austin and carry way more than 14 clubs!

Adapt to Any Course

The Hyland solution set is vast and it spans all the industries we serve, including Financial Services, Insurance, Government, Higher Education, Commercial, and Healthcare. Here are a few examples to give you an idea of the potential with Hyland platform:

  • Return-To-Work Readiness Apps: Facing disruption from COVID-19, organizations will need unique business applications to manage the return to work process. Hyland provides several solutions to address these needs:
  • Travel Request Approval
  • HR Leave Request
  • Employee Health Questionnaire
  • Incident Readiness
  • Property Management
  • Asset Management
  • Loan Document Tracking: Accelerate the loan lifecycle and enjoy a complete view of the process.
  • Accounts Payable: Streamline the end-to-end accounts payable process. Optimize invoice cycle time and cost, improve forecasting and cash management, and improve your vendor relationships.
  • Boards and Committees: Enable administrators to assemble, track, and manage the people and activities associated to boards and committees.
  • Physical Records Management: Empower your organization to track, locate, and request physical records electronically.
  • Service Ticketing: Standardize and enhance the service and request process by centralizing all information related to servicing requests across the organization within a single application.
  • Patient Referral Management: Streamline the internal and external referral process by taking in requests, triaging them to the appropriate department, and providing reminders and escalations to ensure the patient has been serviced.

These examples and concepts are only a small set of what is possible with the Hyland platform. When you leverage our tools, your team can create the apps you need to run the business. Meanwhile, we are always here to help design, deploy, and manage these solutions for your enterprise.

Improve Your Ranking

Some of the largest organizations in the world leverage Hyland’s low-code platform to create the applications they need to respond to ever-changing market conditions, customer demand, and economic trends. When new opportunities or customer demands arise, these organizations are able to leverage the Hyland platform to quickly build, test, and deploy applications that address their needs.

Just like the history and relationship of Xander and Austin, Hyland has been providing these tools to our customers for years. Before rapid application development and low code were trending, Hyland customers were utilizing them to build critical business applications on the Hyland platform. We also offer incredible support, continued product enhancements, and a large community focused on education and collaboration.

In golf as in business, you simply cannot approach each new challenge with a single tool and expect to be successful. However, when you have a platform with all the tools you need to face each challenge, you are able to move with speed and respond quickly, which results in success. You cannot stand by and wait for someone to create a niche solution in order to solve each one of your challenges.

If you do, customers will find someone who can do it faster.

Maintaining a position at the top of the World Golf Rankings is not easy. Xander relies on Austin, his team, his coaches, and the tools in his golf bag to compete and win at the highest level. That is one of Xander’s X factors that make him so great.

The Hyland platform can be your X factor, empowering you to outpace your competition and provide an outstanding customer experience. When you choose to pair up with Hyland, we can provide you with the vision, the support, and the solutions necessary for your business to stay competitive and thrive in your market.

You just need to have the right tools in your bag.